A Symphony of Keys: Beethoven, Smetana, and more.

In this exceptional musical event, two talented pianists from the picturesque Lowveld region collaborate to infuse fresh life into symphonic compositions on the piano. The art of transcribing orchestral works for piano duets is a meticulous and intricate craft involving the transformation of grand symphonies and orchestral compositions into a format suitable for a single piano with four hands. Their shared mission is to bring to the forefront the recently rediscovered transcriptions and arrangements by Xavier Scharwenka. These transcriptions were meticulously created with the intent of making Beethoven’s majestic orchestral works more accessible to pianists of various skill levels. In addition to this remarkable endeavor, the program will also pay tribute to the musical legacy of Smetana, featuring his celebrated symphony, “Vltava” (The Moldau), as well as other breathtaking solo piano works. This performance promises to be a captivating journey through time and sound, reigniting appreciation for these masterpieces through the skillful and passionate interpretation of these dedicated pianists.