Opus Fantasia- A Selection of Clarinet Fantasies for Clarinet and Piano

The musicians in the Opus fantasia perform with exquisite technique that improves the musician’s and audience’s muscular sensitivity and agility. The compositional tools used by composers are sometimes spontaneous as they are ideas from improvisation; however, they are based on chord changes in classical music. Music extemporization manifested a growth in the era of romantic classical music. The fantasia instrumental music meets the romantic traits, the musicians in Opus Fantasia perform with abilities of virtuosic control over the instrument. The fantasy pieces are performed with graceful melodies that produce the precise, flexible musical effects they desire. For this programme, the duo has chosen a repertoire that enlightens love, power, innocence, and responsibility. The gorgeous “Rigoletto” by Luigi Bassi begins with a simple statement of the arias, “Bella figlia dell’ amore” (Beautiful daughter of love) and “Caro nome” (Dear one), which are elaborated into variations. Also featured is Schumann’s Fantasiestucke with a notion that creative expression is the product of unrestricted imagination. Likewise, music from Nielsen, Gaubert, Arnold, and Sarasate’s Carmen Fantasy. Come and enjoy the moving concert.