Some French and a Hungarian walks into a bar – French elegance with some South African Premieres

French elegance with some South African Premieres
In contrast to the construction of the popular violin-cello-piano trio, here it’s the woodwinds’ turn to recalibrate attention to a popular trio combination of oboe, bassoon, and piano – featuring the talents of Johan Ferreira, Liesl van der Merwe, and Laetitia Orlandi. This ensemble will take audiences on a mesmerizing journey through the enchanting world of French music, featuring timeless compositions and some South African premieres. This concert promises a captivating evening filled with the elegance and allure of French music, showcasing the exceptional talents of this trio. From Poulenc’s rediscovered masterpiece to the South African premiere of “After the Rain,” this performance will leave a lasting impression on both seasoned classical music enthusiasts and newcomers alike.