Brahms: His most beautiful Waltzes and Hungarian Dances

Brahms_ His most beautiful waltzes

With: Chanie Preis, Carin van Graan (piano)

Chanie Preis and Carin van Graan are both classically trained pianists who have compiled a programme of Brahms’s popular piano duets. The concert will be between 50 and 60 minutes in duration and will consist of the following piano duets: the complete set of Waltzes (Op. 39), as well as the following Hungarian Dances: numbers 1 (G minor), 2 (D minor), 3 (F major), 4 (F minor), 7 (A major), 17 (F# minor), 19 (B minor), 5 (F-sharp minor) and 6 (D-flat major).