Discussions between oboe and tenor

Discussion between oboe and tenorDiscussions between oboe and tenor

With: Chris Mostert (tenor), Olivier Barrier (oboe)

Ten Blake Songs by composer Vaughan Williams, and Six Metamorphoses after Ovid, op. 49 for solo oboe by Britten is on this performance’s musical menu.

Between 1957 and 1958 in the last year of his life, Vaughan Williams wrote the “Ten Blake Songs for tenor and oboe”. This song cycle was composed for the documentary film “The Vision of William Blake” written and directed by Guy Brenton.  Once Vaughan Williams decided on setting the poems for tenor and oboe, the tunes were quickly created and he wrote nine songs in four days. On one morning he said to his wife, Ursula, “I was woken up by a tune for that beastly little lamb, and it’s rather a good tune”.

The masterpiece Six Metamorphoses after Ovid, op. 49 composed by Benjamin Britten is unique in the oboe repertoire and is one of the most distinctive examples of solo single-line instrumental writing from any age. It is technically demanding and enigmatic. The six movements are inspired by characters in Greek legend from Publius Ovidius Naso’s great poem, Metamorphoses.