Germany, England and Russia: A meeting in the middle

Germnany, England, Russa 2

With: Sempre Opera Instrumental Ensemble – Schalk van der Merwe (conductor)


Music by Mozart, Elgar and Kallinikov are presented by the Sempre Opera Instrumental Ensemble in this concert.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 14 in A major, K. 114, was the first symphony he wrote in Salzburg after the 14-year-old composer’s second trip to Italy.

Edward Elgar’s Serenade for Strings is his earliest work to have become well known – it preceded his Enigma Variations by six years. Elgar himself was very fond of this piece, even though many of his later works were larger in scale. He said “I like ’em, the first things I ever did – really stringy in effect”. For such an early piece, the musical language of the Serenade is already characteristic of the mature Elgar.

Vasilij Kallinikov’s Serenade for strings was composed while he was a music student in Moscow and was intended for a graduation concert. It is a gently lyrical piece, framed as a slow waltz, and is suffused with that elegiac quality so characteristic of the Russian Romantics.