Red Rhapsody Jazz Band: Stolen Moments

Red Rhapsody 4 Red Rhapsody 2 Red Rhapsody 5 Red Rhapsody 1 Red Rhapsody 3

With: Chanie Jonker (piano), Karin Groenewald (saxophone), Jurgens de Lange (double bass), Theuns Botha (drums), Charlotte Botha (vocals)

Red Rhapsody invites the audience to enjoy a show filled with music surrounding the theme “Stolen Moments” – songs that tell stories about people, places, romance, and magic. Moments that have been captured in the everlasting medium of music, and have been told by different people, in different places, to different audiences, in different ways. Red Rhapsody (a 5-piece jazz band) performs a carefully selected repertoire of jazz music weaved together into a riveting line-up. Some songs might be well-known, while others will fall on fresh ears. This show promises to take the listener on a journey through jazz – come and enjoy the stories with us!