Viola Fantasy

Viola Fantasy 1ViolaFantasy 2

With: Judith Klins (viola), Morkel Combrinck (viola), Eugene Joubert (piano)

Concerto for 2 violins (arranged for 2 violas) by Bach

The Double Concerto is arguably one of Bach’s most famous works, and is considered among the best examples of work of the late Baroque period. It is characterized by the expressive relationship between the two solo instruments, and contains fugal imitation and counterpoint.

Sonata for viola and piano, op 11 no 4 by Hindemith

The Viola Sonata, op 11 no 4 is one of Hindemith’s most frequently performed works. The beautiful first movement Fantasy is followed by a set of variations based on a folk-like theme, some showing a strong influence of Debussy. The finale contains additional variations on the second movement theme.

Märchenerzäungen (Fairy Tales), op 132 by Schumann

The Märchenerzäungen is one of Schumann’s very last works, composed at a time when his increasing mental fragility was temporarily alleviated by the visits of Joachim and Brahms. The four ‘fairy tales’ are testimony to Schumann’s fondness for the picturesque and the fanciful, though he left no clue as to their content.