Braam van Tonder (trumpet), Pieter van den Berg (organ)

The title, FANFARE, already prepares you for a rare experience: the music has a fresh, exciting international sound. Lovers of organ and trumpet will all revel in Van den Berg and Van Tonder’s sound.

The grandiose title also reveals something of what you can expect from the concert:  Majestic sound, and yet something which at times could lull a baby  to sleep – so soft,  sweet, gentle, are the sounds of the organ. This duo’s fine ear and musicality is not only displayed in their arrangements, but also in the execution. The music is a tapestry of regal sounds and captivating rhythms.

With this compilation the duo intended to create music to take you on a journey back in time:   a listener will travel to a world where kings, princes, churchgoers, old and young, can relax and discover sound that filled cathedrals, churches, and concerts halls for centuries.