Shall we?

Karin Groenewald (saxophone) Chanie Jonker (piano)

Shall we? is an exciting show that casts the spotlight on various dances across many genres. The dynamic duo consisting of Karin Groenewald (saxophone) and Chanie Jonker (piano) takes the audience on a tour through some of the most famous and infamous dances of the world including the Sarabande, Waltz, Tarentella, and Tango. Chanie and Karin have been playing together since 2012, and decided to realise their dream of putting together a programme based on something they both love: dancing. The range of exciting rhythms and passionate melodies are set to have the audience on the edge of their seats. The saxophone and piano are the perfect pair for this program as both have the ability to tread graciously around each other, but also to engage in a fiery fast-paced feud.