Meditations for piano

Tinus Botha (piano)

Meditations for piano is a celebration of introspective, meditative, and transcendental works from the mid-19th century and the present. The programme consists of Schubert’s monumental last piano sonata, contrasted with more recent compositions by South African composer Hendrik Hofmeyr. Hendrik Hofmeyr’s Elegy from Partita Romantica was written in remembrance of the lives of two deeply loved canine companions who died too soon. Three distinct musical ideas are shaped and developed to convey a gamut of visceral emotions: pain, emptiness, bitterness, remembrance, and finally, acceptance. Hendrik Hofmeyr’s Variations on an African Lullaby is a masterful re-imagination of the Zulu song, Thula Baba, made famous by the late Miriam Makeba. The well-known melody is touchingly caressed and guided through a series of gentle transformations during which the colouristic capabilities of the instrument are explored to maximum effect. Schubert’s epic narrative conveys the full spectrum of human emotion; the slow-paced melodic development in the opening movement allows for inward contemplation by the listener, while the intensely expressive second movement has often been described as a spiritual experience. This is followed by the gentle frolicking of the scherzo, and the alternating brooding, playfulness, and final exuberant release of the coda. Leave behind the noise and bustle of everyday life, and give in to an hour of inward contemplation.