Picadilly Foxtrot

Mart-Marie Snyman (piano, synthesizers), Siobhan Lloyd-Jones (violin), Ronald Davey (cello), James Robb (percussion), Pieter de Klerk (sound engineer)

Piccadilly is a silent film released in 1929 directed by E.A Dupont in which Valentine Wilmot owns a nightclub featuring dancers Mabel and Vic. After a confrontation with Wilmot, Vic quits performing at the club. When the club starts losing business, a desperate Wilmot hires former dishwasher Shosho as a dancer. She is an instant hit and forms a rapport with Wilmot, which leads to jealousy and a mysterious murder.

Have a 1920’s experience of your own with the intimacy of a live band playing alongside this film – with a twist. Expect 21st century music combined with a 90 year old silent film, as well as a few classical and jazz turns. The rare combination of modern music played on vintage instruments adds to the unpredictable and exciting nature of this film – Ronald Davey on cello, trumpet and theremin, Siobhan Lloyd-Jones on violin, Mart-Marie Snyman on piano and analogue synthesizers, and James Robb on percussion. In 2017 IMPAC commissioned the musicians to compose an original score for Piccadilly. In this re-creation of another era, although originally inspired by above mentioned genres, the musicians intentionally subvert dominant aspects of the genres to create a new sound.