WMF 2024 Performances

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Performance Name Artists
A Symphony of KeysJanette Röttcher, Lizanne Barnard (piano)
Beethoven & Smetana – The Bohemian BeethovenMiroslav Chakaryan (violin), Carel Henn (cello), Rudolf Geldenhuis (piano)
Cello Times TwoMaren du Plessis (cello), Carel Henn (cello), Kerryn Wisniewski (piano)
Double DelightWMF Marimba Ensemble, Country College Marimba Hub
Extases d’amour pour piano / Ecstasies of love for pianoPieter van Zyl (piano)
Flautando Trio – Flute FusionHandri Loots, Malané Hofmeyr-Burger, Bobby van der Watt (flute)
From Norway to France with Duo EquilibriumMiroslav Chakaryan (violin), Sonja van Zyl (piano)
Gypsy love dreamMichelle Veenemans (soprano), Miroslav Chakaryan (violin), Rudolf Geldenhuis (piano)
Händel to HahnJean du Plessis (baritone), Malané Hofmeyr-Burger (flute), Sonja van Zyl (piano)
Jazz CocktailLizanne Barnard (vocals & piano), Tyrone Hinrichsen (double bass), Wanda Zonke (saxophone), guest artist Walter Fourie (tenor)
Let Every Romantic Heart SingChristian Bester (baritone), Eugene Joubert (piano)
Moonlight MeditationsLaetitia Orlandi (piano)
Opera Bonbons!Loveline Madumo (soprano), Thabang Senekal (baritone), Eugéne Joubert (piano)
Opus FantasiaNaledi Dweba (clarinet), Annika Burke (piano)
Piazzolla to PiafPretoria Boys Highschool Salon Boys
(U.D.O. Philip Loots)
Some French and a Hungarian walk into a bar – French elegance with some South African PremieresLaetitia Orlandi (piano), Liesl van der Merwe (bassoon), Johan Ferreira (oboe)
Songs and dances for flute and guitarAndré Oosthuizen (flute), Thinus Boshoff (classical guitar)
Strings in harmony: A melodic fusion of guitar and violinNathalie Roué (classical guitar), Melissa Witbooi (violin)
The art of a KingsmanChris Mostert (tenor), Christopher Vale (baritone), Eugene Joubert (piano)
Please note that this concert is 70 minutes long
Christopher Vale (baritone), Eugene Joubert (piano)