Marimba Project

2024 / Education through music, a WMF upliftment program, has been in existence since 2016. Since then a great number of children not only acquired a skill, certainly improved their school marks and also learnt the love for music through Marimba.

The WMF has two hubs.
Geraldine Castleman in Wakkerstroom and Tammy Botes at Country College in Volksrust have been there for the kids from the inception of these hubs. Their passion and endurance made these projects blossom. Their groups grew. Some kids have already moved out of school carrying great confidence and social skills.

Despite Covid the groups are growing in numbers again and it is the intention to start a primary school group which will be trained with the help of the older experienced kids in the Wakkerstroom hub.

Thank you to all those sponsors that made attendance of the Wakkerstroom hub at the International Marimba and Steel Pan competition possible in 2023. Ten very enthusiastic children competed and gained invaluable experience.


A young and vibrant marimba band with their nimble hands that dance across the keys, creating a rhythmic tapestry that captivates audiences. United by their passion for music, this talented group of musician’s weaves together melodic harmonies, infusing the air with infectious energy.

KykNet Fiësta Interview of the Marimba Project at the WMF 2023

Thank you to the Arts Africa Grant for your support, the kids are loving it and learning so much!

Marimba stars at the 2022 festival

So proud of our Marimba Project at the WMF! To all our WMF patrons, here are some pics and an article about the project.